Master Data Management

metacore believes that mastering data across multiple domains is the foundation of today's organization. The single source of the truth will power business processes for growth.

Gain confidence through big data

Get clean, consistent and timely information for big data projects and data warehousing initiatives. Build trusted views of your customers.

  • By incorporating unstructured and external data from diverse sources, build and manage a trusted view.
  • Retain your most valuable customers using accurate and timely information.

Flexible and proven

We support multiple master data management styles (registry, transaction, hybrid) and data domains (customer, product, account) on a single platform.

Our MDM implementations

We deliver consolidated and reliable business-critical data to the applications your employees rely on every day. We enable companies like yours to:

  • Acquire and retain more customers.
  • Deliver better products and services.
  • Accelerate time-to-value from acquisitions.